Welcome To Autovaleter

Welcome to Autovaleter. We are a dedicated team of two with a wealth of experience in valeting cars.  I have been valeting cars since I was fifteen and I’m now in my early forties!  Within this time period I have had to deal with mother nature at her best and worst.  This weekend just past she dealt us some of her worst weather conditions with freezing sub zero temperatures, blizzards and freezing fog.  We survived to tell the tale and managed to transform an Audi A6 Estate into showroom condition.  We were aided by a great host who drip fed us copious cups of hot coffee and delicious bacon and sausage sandwiches!

Working in all weather conditions does prove a challenge at times. However once the work is complete and the customer is 100% satisfied we feel we have accomplished our goal!

Wherever possible we will attend to conduct your valet.  On the rare occasion where mother nature just won’t back down we always return as soon as possible to conclude.

Please check out our testimonials page for details of our satisfied customers!