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Car Cleaning Service YorkWhat's the difference between a Wax and a Polish?
Polish restores the shine and lustre to the paintwork, in contrast wax is a protective clear coat barrier and sealant. Polishing your car restores the paintwork and then the wax process adds extra shine and protection.

Why should I have my car polished?
General traffic film and oxidisation of the paint will affect the lustre, while constant bombardment by grit, dust and possibly car wash brushes will leave tiny scratches in the paintwork which will also have the effect of dulling the shine. By polishing the paintwork the unwanted deposits are removed and replaced by a hard polymer surface which fills the tiny imperfections making it shine like new. Polish is almost like a moisturiser for your paintwork, enriching the lustre, colour and depth. Over time the paintwork loses some of its lustre due to UV rays and pollution. Polishing restores the highly sought after lustre and shine.

Why should I have my vehicle waxed?
Waxing your vehicle will still give the paintwork a high shine, but mainly acts as a protective layer by sealing your paintwork either with polymers or carnauba contained in the wax. Waxing your vehicle helps to prevent airborne contaminants from settling on the paint and starting a chemical reaction. Waxing also diffuses UV rays and infrared radiation from the sun, thereby preventing both from being absorbed into the paint pigments. Without the wax, the paintwork would end up dull and oxidized.

What is oxidised paintwork?
Oxidisation is the combination of oxygen with another element. Paintwork can become oxidised due to paint starvation, which happens when the paint becomes dry and has lost its natural oils. Polishing your car restores the paintwork then the wax process adds extra shine and protection.

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