Odour Neutralizing

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This Specialist System
can remove odours from any environment including your home and vehicle. It uses a highly effective counteractive, which is delivered as a vaporising dry fog, leaving a clean fresh fragrance in the air, wherever it's applied.


The vaporising fog kills the bacteria

that cause bad odours at a molecular level and will completely neutralise the offending bad odour. The fog will penetrate obscure areas difficult to reach. Many other traditional remedies only mask the odour, but with the Odour Fogging System and Formula you can be confident that the odour and the bacteria that caused the odour will be gone for good, leaving a lasting fresh fragrance, without staining or marking any surfaces or upholstery.




Available in 3 fragrance's

  • Cherry - Pet odours, urine etc *New*
  • New Car - General deodorising / New Car Fragrance *Best seller*
  • Lemon Citrus - Tobacco odour, etc

Odour Neutralizing £20


Odour Neutralising